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What is OlympiMania

OlympiMania is a movement initiated to bring you closer to the hottest event of this summer – the Olympic Games. Inspired by the power of the Olympic spirit to bring together the whole word, our team has dedicated its time and resources to the idea to take the Games to all fans around the world.

Mobile App

At the heart of the OlympiMania movement is a specially designed app called Spogger. It is a unique guide to the Olympic Games that will provide you with all the information you need about the venues and events, and the sport disciplines, which you can easily access through its beautifully designed, user friendly navigation menu. Check out the application

How OlympiMania will change your life?!

OlympiMania makes you crazy about the Olympic Games

OlympiMania will give you a chance to be part of the biggest and hottest event of Summer 2012. No matter if you are a huge fan or it is your first touch to the dynamic world of sport, you will experience the Olympic Games in a new and unique way. OlympiMania takes the spot light away from the big athletes and put it on you, because  truth is - the Olympic Games are about you.  OlympiMania will challenge, entertain and express you!


Olympimania aims to help raise money to support charities suggested by the Olympimania family by donating up to £1,000,000 to a number of charities by the end of the Olympic games. More information on how donations will be made and nomination of charities will be posted here in due course. For more information email charities@olympimania.com

Our community goal

Our team worked very hard to provide you with all you need to experience the Olympic Games to the maximum, but our ultimate goal is to build up a community inspired and moved by the great Olympic spirit which carries and spreads the Olympic experience even further. Join our community!


BlogMania is the official blog of the OlympiMania movement.  Through daily posts we will share our thoughts, stories and funny commentaries with all OlympiManians , and give away exclusive breaking news about the Olympic Games and the OlympiMania movement. 

Check out the blog!

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