Ellie Simmonds: Poster girl for the Paralympics wins again!

Posted by on Sep 3, 2012 in Blog

Ellie Simmonds: Poster girl for the Paralympics wins again!

Ellie Simmonds; a true example of one who is an inspiration for the next generation. Great Britain’s Eleanor Simmonds of Walsall, claimed her second gold medal of the London 2012 Paralympic games, winning the SM6 200m individual medley on Monday 3rd September, and at 17 years of age, she is yet to complete her A- Levels. What an achievement! Her victory came from a very tight 9 second gap between her and main rival, Germany’s Verena Schott, who took silver. After her victory over USA’s Victoria Arlen in the 400m freestyle, where she took five seconds off the World Record time, the fans and crowd in the packed Aquatics Centre, roared in glee to see that she had yet again beaten the world record she had set a few days before, winning her race in 3min 05.36sec! An outstanding performance, although breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly legs are not her strongest areas, when it comes to the freestyle, Simmonds is unrivalled!

“Paralympic Poster Girl – in all her Golden Glory” http://www1.skysports.com/olympics/news/12040/8047933/Simmonds-eyes-more-glory

Beginning her journey as an athelete from a young age when she started swimming at the age of 5 , Ellie became the youngest Briton to win an Olympic or Paralympic medal at the age of 13. this was the beginning of her rapid rise into the eye of public which was followed by her receiving  award from Queen Elizabeth II at 14 years of age. fast forward a short amount of years later and Ellie Simmonds is one of the most recognised Paralympic athletes in Great Britain. Ellie lives with a genetic disorder called Achondroplasia; a disorder of bone growth that causes the most common type of dwarfism. Despite what some may see as a hindrance, we are witnesses of her progress and achievement and are assured that this is only the beginning of greater things.

She awaits two more races; the S6 50m freestyle final on Tuesday 4th September and the 100m on Saturday 8th September. Simmonds is a great example of progress also, as she has already achieved her two medals despite only being able to come 5th in previous Paralympic games. She said to  be on track for a ‘four medal haul’ this Paralympics.

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