Welcome to BlogMania

Posted by on May 18, 2012 in Slider

Welcome to BlogMania

Happy BlogMania Launch Day to all OlympiManians!

We know you all must be superduper excited and eager to learn a little bit more about the whole OlympiMania movement (we can have a link to the next post) and get more information on what BlogMania is all about, but here at the OlympiMania HQ we are so over the moon! We’ve been waiting for this day for our whole life (or at least for the last couple of months).

As with other blogs, BlogMania will be the place where we share  everything with you – our thoughts, dreams and hopes. It will be a platform for us to express our opinion, to update you on the latest and breaking news on the Olympic Games and even to share spicy gossip from the Olympic Park!  Through BlogMania we will keep you updated on all upcoming OlympiMania events, challenges and quizzes. It will be the first place to announce new upcoming features to the OlympiMania app.

Also some of the posts will be written by the incredible OlympiMania Man (sometimes known as ‘Olympimaniac’). Through the revelations you will get a peak into the life of a true superhero (and if this is not exciting enough, it will be like finding the secret diary of Batman – “The dark secrets of the Dark Knight!”)! You will get to read about his feelings and how the stress of bearing the huge responsibility of taking the Olympic Games to every home around the Globe is affecting his life. It’s difficult to imagine how hard is to be a superhero, especially such a famous and loved one as OlympiMania Man. Don’t worry it won’t be just tears and sobs – there will also be amazingly funny reports on how the OlympiMania Man copes with his day-to-day life :)

But let’s move to the most exciting part of BlogMania! The blog will  also be the place where you can comment on every post, share your views with us and communicate with fellow OlympiManians. BlogMania is not just for us (although we will be having a lot of fun with it), it is for all of you – OlympiManians!

To learn more about the OlympiMania movement click here.
If you are interested in knowing more about the app in advance click here.

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