What is OlympiMania + the winners of the OlympiMania Mystery Challenge

Posted by on May 18, 2012 in Slider

What is OlympiMania + the winners of the OlympiMania Mystery Challenge

Last week we challenged you to guess what OlympiMania is. We gave away a lot of clues and streamed some funny teasers to make it easier for you to find the correct answer. However a few OlympiManians managed to guess correctly and many of you are probably still banging your hands against the wall in agony.

 It is pretty obvious that OlympiMania is something about the 2012 Olympic Games. But what exactly?

And the answer is … the tension is growing, you are hearing the sound of drums accelerating in your head… the OlympiMania is a massive movement that will bring you the best mobile app for the Olympics and for sporting events all around the world after the Olympics.

We wanted to create an app that will make the 2012 Olympic Games more accessible for everyone around the world. And we did it, we designed and built the most amazing and complete app for the Olympics on the market. But we didn’t stop there. It was like the Olympic spirit has overpowered our minds and bodies and the Games became our mania. We were inspired by all the things the Olympics stand for – power, dynamics, strength, joy, movement, life, alliance of all nations – and we made our mission to spread the Olympic experience everywhere.

OlimpiMania is a movement we initiated to bring the 2012 Olympic Games closer to all of you. No one guessed correctly that the missing word is movement, but we have one guess that was pretty close.

The winner of the Olympimania mystery challenge is ANDY WILKES

Andy will receive an Olympimania pack with a bunch of goodies including iTunes gift vouchers to the value of £50 as well as one of our Olympimania T-shirts and an additional gift voucher to purchase app when it is launched.

There is another competition to guess the name of the app – or to suggest a cool name.

Embrace the OlympiMania spirit and make it your own movement. Let’s all come together this summer to share this amazing experience with each other, because the joy of life is in sharing with other people. Become an OlympiManian today! Join our community!

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