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Spogger Charity Challenge

£1million giveaway!

To celebrate the Olympics the Olympimania team have been challenged to achieve 10 million downloads in the next 3 weeks in order to raise £1million for charity.  We need your help by doing the following 3 things:
Download the Spogger app (also available free) - said to be the best interactive free guide to the London 2012 games.
Spread the word - repost, tell all your friends and contacts about this so they can also get the app
Support your local or preferred charity - nominate a charity that you would like to receive some of the funds raised (all Spogger app users will be able to vote for the charities that will receive a share of the £1million)
This is one of the most simple ways you can help raise funds for good causes and benefit personally at the same time.
Thanks for your help.  

World Land Trust

Saving threatened habitats worldwide

WLT was established to save critically threatened tropical forest in Belize and has, since then, been instrumental in the purchase and protection of 500,000 acres of wilderness habitats which are home to a wealth of endangered and endemic species.

Visit webpage

Suggest a charity

Let others join

Nominate a charity to benefit from the £1million Spogger App Charity giveaway - contact us immediately!

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