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Our community goal

OlympiMania makes you crazy about the Olympic Games

Our team worked very hard to provide you with all you need to experience and enjoy the Olympic Games to the max, but our ultimate goal is to build a community inspired and moved by the great Olympic spirit which lifts and spreads the Olympic experience even further.

OlympiMania is your movement and it will effectively be your own Olympic arena where you will be engaged in a number of competitions, challenges and events taking place around the world. It will be your platform to communicate with fellow fans, to express your support for your national team and to comment on the Games.

The OlympiMania Community page will be the place where you can get all the information about upcoming events and how to participate. Help us spread the Olympic experience around the world, help us bring the Olympics to your own city. The OlympiMania Community page will give information to OlympiManians who want to get involved in the making of all the events.

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