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Schedule View features

The ultimate view of all the London 2012 Olympics events

Spogger App’s Schedule view is one of the best features, providing you with a simple, single, dynamic view of all events of the London 2012 Olympic games. With its specially designed user interface you can see all the events by date, time, and venue.  Whilst all the other Olympic apps (including the official one) only provide a list of events, Spogger has gone miles further to enhance the user experience.  Spogger has a practical and well organised schedule facility making it  possible for you to see the full picture (all events) on one screen with links to full details as required. All from the wonderfully designed user interface.

Personalised Schedule View
This is a feature you will only find in Spogger. This feature allows you to personalise the schedule by selecting only the events or sports you are interested in (either watching on TV or going to the live event).  This is done by simply tapping on the events and you can also view all your personalised events in chronological order allowing you to easily identify potential clashes or conflicts.

We realise the not everyone is interested in every sport and in some cases some people may only be interested in one group of activities and would like to see only those events in their schedule view. Spogger allows you to select certain sports allowing you the ability to see only those particular porting events in your personalised schedule view and nothing else.  

And if all that is not enough we have also integrated iCloud, allowing automatic synchronisation of changes across all your devices. Therefore you can make changes on your iPhone while on the move, and your iPad will automatically pick up those changes.