Bringing you the Ultimate Olympic App

Posted by on May 22, 2012 in Newsfeed

Bringing you the Ultimate Olympic App

Just a week after the launch of the OlympiMania movement, the OlympiManians are ready to launch their official mobile app for the Olympic Games. The mobile app is called Spogger.  It is inspired by the Olympic spirit and is created to bring you closer to hottest event this summer.

Last week we witnessed the beginning of OlympiMania – a movement inspired by the power of the Olympic spirit to spread joy around the globe and bring the whole world together. OlympiMania is initiated by a team of young and enthusiastic app developers (the Special Apps Squad – SAS) at e-Beeze Ltd., who wanted to share the excitement they are encountering everyday on the streets of London with the rest of the world. As true OlympiManians, they dedicated their time, energy and resources to provide you with all you need to experience and enjoy the Olympic Games to the max – no matter where in the world you happen to be.

At the heart of their movement is a unique app – named Spogger –which acts as a powerful engine generating and enhancing the Olympic experience. Spogger has a number of amazing features designed to be user friendly, practical and truly helpful.  Definitely the feature that differentiates Spogger from all the other apps for the Olympic Games is the Schedule view. The Schedule view has  a clean and easy-to-read layout showing all the events organised by dates, time, and venues. It makes it easy for you to highlight your favourite events and create your own personalised schedule view of the Games. And thanks to iCloud integration you can get access to your own schedule view from every device you own!

With Spogger you will never get lost on your way to any of the 34 Olympic venues thanks to the Interactive Map feature. It will not only show you all venue locations displayed in single, or categorized mode, but will plan and calculate your route from your current location to a selected venue. Also the built in google Map provides you the possibility to switch between Standard map view, or Hybrid map view, so you can see actually the satellite images of the venue, and surrounding!

Another truly useful feature of Spogger is the powerful Search Tool. There are more than 650 events at the 2012 Games and finding one in particular could be a nightmare. But with the Search Tool you can easily select a desired date and a particular sport to narrow your search to specific events.

Through Spogger you can get access to the official London 2012 YouTube channel or scroll down the funny and engaging videos from the OlympiMania YouTube Channel.  Also Spogger is directly linked to Blogmania – the official blog of the OlympiMania movement – where you will find funny and entertaining posts that will keep you updated on all the latest news about the Games and all the hottest places in London.  With the integration of different social and media platforms Spogger will effectively be your own Olympic arena where you will be engaged in a number of competitions, challenges and events taking place around the world. It will be your platform to communicate with fellow fans, to express your support for your national team and to comment on the Games.

In additional to all this, Spogger is a multilingual app, so everyone can access it and enjoy all its amazing features.  The app will initially be available in English and French with more languages (including Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian amongst others) in  upcoming updates.

When asked what he liked about the app, Leke Babalola, E-beeze LTD Managing Director said, “I am very proud of my team for creating an app that actually competes directly with the official Olympic app and has much better features – the schedule view is a very powerful tool that no one else has out there”. He added that for him “this is a story of David vs. Goliath as we are a growing SME with very limited resources compared to the Olympic committee, however we have managed to produce what I will call the best  (certainly on par with the Official) app on the market today… and we have a number of surprises to follow in coming updates”

The Spogger app will be launched on at 23:59 on Tuesday May 22 and will be available both on iTunes and Google Play Stores. Hurry up and download Spogger, because it will be free for a limited time only.

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