SPOGGER – No.1 Olympic App

Posted by on May 26, 2012 in Newsfeed

SPOGGER – No.1 Olympic App

The Spogger app, launched May 22, is predicted to be the best selling mobile app for the 2012 Olympic games and is being called the “must have app for the Olympics”.  May 26 sees the launch of the Android version, making it one of the most widely available Olympic mobile apps on the market.

E-beeze LTD, the new comer providing innovative mobile apps that surprised the market with it’s release of Spogger, an integrated Olympics 2012 mobile app for iPhones and iPads on May 22., will be launching the Andriod version on May 26.

The Spogger app is impressive and has received positive reviews with a full 5 star average.  It is placed head to head with the Official Olympics app (some reviewers stating it is much better than the official Olympics app).  With the new features planned for release over the coming weeks leading up to the Olympics this is fast becoming the must have app for the 2012 Olympics games.

Spogger is a multi-lingual app currently available in English and French with Spanish and Chinese being placed for the next releases.  The team is composed of young vibrant people with the ability to introduce a number of new features that will impress the market.

The unique feature of this app is it’s ability to help you personalize your Olympic schedule.  You create your personal views from the scheduler and have a countdown to your next event.  Further features will allow you to include items selected into your calendar automatically.

A new feature being released is a facebook integration feature enabling facebook users to know where their friends are going and meet up or organize trips to the same events.

The best thing about this app is that it is only 69p (the lowest price).  Compared to other Olympic apps on the market this is certainly not only the best one but represents the best value for money.  Analysts expect it to be a best seller.

When asked about the secret of such success, Leke Babalola, E-Beeze Ltd Managing Director, said, “One of the key things I learnt from Jack Welch at GE is you are either No.1 or a very fast follower, at E-beeze we simply aim for and only settle for No.1 position… Spogger was developed using our in house Six Sigma rapid development technique that allows us to analyze what is on the market and react very quickly to improve our apps and release updates within 24 hours”

With such a competitive edge it is easy to see how this young and up coming company is making a big impact on the mobile apps market.

Following the successful launch of the Spogger app that provides you everything you need about the Olympics in one place.

Spogger is driven by the OlympiMania movement. Detailed information on the app can be found at http://olympimania.com/mobileapp/

You can also follow the movement on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/olympimania

Twitter: @Olympimania

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