Olympic Spogger is Now Available for Free For Android.

Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in Newsfeed

Olympic Spogger is Now Available for Free For Android.

The E-beeze HQ have just released some exciting news that will brighten the day for all fans of the 2012 Olympic Games. Anticipated by many, the free version of Olympic Spogger, the app that helps you personalize the Olympic games, is now available for download.

The busy bees in the Special App Squad (Technical Team) at E-beeze Ltd. are once again ready to impress Olympic Spogger App users. They have been teasing us over the last couple of weeks with talk that they were working on a free version of the Olympic Spogger app. Today they announced the good news that the free Olympic Spogger app version is ready and available for Android smart phone users.  The iOS free Olympic Spogger App is in review and will no doubt launch very soon.

This is an amazing opportunity for all users as the free version enables them to try this great app before actually purchasing it. The free version of Olympic Spogger has all the key features of the app and is also available in multiple languages: English, French, Spanish and Chinese. As expected there are differences and limits to using some of the features, but users can easily upgrade to the fully functional paid version.

Daniel Homoki-Farkas, the Project Leader of the Special Apps Squad, views the launch of the free version of Olympic Spogger as an opportunity both for users and E-beeze: “The whole idea of creating a free app was inspired by a bad experience on another app. I paid €8 for an app, that I did not really find useful, and after all it was waist of money. This led to the thought that the users might want to try out this amazing app, before actually purchasing it. We really believe, that the users will benefit from the free app, because they can be sure of it’s value before paying out. On the other hand this is also a great opportunity for E-beeze as marketing an app is easier if there is a free version available.”

Daniel ensured us that there are more amazing features for the Olympic Spogger app to come. So do not waste any time, download your copy of Olympic Spogger today!

Spogger is supported by the OlympiMania movement and powered by E-beeze technology. Detailed information on the app can be found at http://olympimania.com/mobileapp/

You can also follow the movement on facebook and twitter:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/olympimania

Twitter: @Olympimania

Contact the E-Beeze press officer for any further questions or queries – bnikolova@e-beeze.co.uk

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